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Thank for your interest in our Sunday School. The Apostle Paul told his young associate Timothy that “from a child you have known the holy scriptures, which are able to make you wise to salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus” (2Timothy 3:15). This verse nicely encapsulates our mission in teaching Sunday School, that children would learn God’s way of salvation.

How we teach your child?

We divide children up into age appropriate classes. Aided by knowledgeable teachers, students explore a wide range of Bible stories and topics. The Bible is not written like a dry textbook that your child reads at school. Rather it is full of fascinating stories of how God worked in people’s lives to bring about his plans, and to bring people into a relationship with Himself. Through these narratives students learn who God is, what He is like and what He expects. Children will learn about the love of God and the amazing grace of God, as well as His holiness and righteousness. They will learn about themselves; that they are special because they are made by God in His own image. They will learn about the fallen world we live in and their need of redemption.

A day at Sunday School

What can your child expect if he or she comes to our Sunday School? First, we start with a time of singing with the all classes joined together. These songs serve to reinforce the spiritual and moral lessons they are learning in their classes. Next, we divide them up into classes where their first activity is to recite assigned verses that they have memorized during the week. Usually, a reward awaits them for diligent memorization. Teachers will then give an interactive lesson where students are encouraged to ask questions and to contribute their thoughts. Younger classes may do a craft to help reinforce the lesson. Teachers will generally take up a topic that will last several weeks where each lesson builds on the next for that series.

Fun events

Teachers like to build lasting relationships with their students. One way they do this is to have class outings. This might be a day of canoeing, a day at the beach, ice skating etc… This allows the children and teachers to get to know each other in a non class setting and to have some fun together. There is a yearly Sunday School picnic where the whole Sunday School gets together at a park for all kinds of fun events.

Is there anything for parents while the children are in Sunday School?

During Sunday School, there is an adult Bible teaching class with two speakers presenting various Bible topics. Parents are welcome to attend this session while their children are in Sunday School.

We hope you will give us a try and bring your children along to our Sunday School. Our Sunday School is absolutely free and we never ask for money from parents. It is our conviction that the gospel of Jesus Christ should be taught without charge. Please contact us by phone or email if you have any questions or need transportation. We would love the opportunity to work with your children.

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